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Why Digital Disruption won’t work in Professional Services

Mar 1, 2019 2:08:19 PM

Now, this is a pretty bold statement and where this is coming from starts a little left field but go with me and you’ll see what I mean

I was on my way into the office this morning, headphones in thinking about the day ahead when a song came on

The song was called “Little Changes”

The main hook of it said “all the big things stay the same until we make little changes”

By now you’re probably thinking “what does this English folk music have to do with me and my firm”… And fair enough too, but just a little longer and you’ll see what I mean.. I promise

This line got me thinking, “digital disruption” is such a buzzword for technology companies and people seem to flog it until we’re confused by what it means

And for the most part, It’s a great theory

Until we look at something like Professional Services

This is one circumstance where the theory is flawed

The idea of technology coming in overnight and “disrupting” the industry doesn’t work for Professional Services

The reason is because there’s so much which needs attention “disrupting” everything at once causes chaos

That’s not to say disruption isn’t happening in the industry… It absolutely is but technology is only part of it (rising expectations, increased competition, it’s harder to retain staff etc).


A better approach to adapting is to look at a firm as a whole and break down what needs to changed into “bite-sized-chunks” and look for quick ways you can immediately improve aspects of the firm while looking at the bigger picture at the same time

In addition to this, looking to augment the way you work instead of changing it alltogether reduces friction and ensures minimal to no impact to client facing outcomes.

Adapting to the changes in the industry is more complex than a 1 size fits all tech solution, it involves a “vertically focused” strategy on how you can positively impact everyone from individual contributors to, directors, partners and C-Suite.

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