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The need for better collaboration in Engineering: How to Reduce the 67% risk of damaging important relationships

Jul 1, 2019 8:27:00 AM

Engineers take a 67% risk of damaging important relationships with people every time they speak, according to workplace communications expert Skip Weisman.

With that in mind, it's not difficult to forsee how your team could struggle to collaborate effectively on a multi-million dollar project.

Without the right contextual information to collaborate, your Engineers risk damaging relationships within your business and eroding the trust of your clients.

You need to be in a position for your clients to feel confident about your processes, and this happens through  effective collaboration.

The million dollar question is - how is it done?


Starting off Right

The right data is vital to your team's success.

Even if you're a firm who wins greenfields work purely off your good reputation, or you could be the best established firm with a wealth of specialist work under your belt - projects can still go awry if your team(s) aren't collaborating properly.

High-quality collaboration starts well before your project goes to Tender and before you get into the thick of Design.

Working towards high value collaboration involves examining your methods of interaction and any set expectations of communication with your client. It's putting in the work beyond delivering work within your scope, it's also knowing when that scope is changing and identifying opportunities for adding value.

Gartner have found out how high the stakes really are:

Projects with budgets over $1million have a 50% higher failure rate than projects with budgets under $350 000


Cost of Inaction

Projects going over time or budget just aren't acceptable when market growth for professional services has slowed to below 2% per year.

The Professional Services Industry growth is forecasted to grow by just 9.1% by 2023

The rise of the Deep Value Economy has been the death knell of complacency for Engineering firms

The cost of inaction can be high with an increased client turnover leading to a decreased ability to attract clients and the possibility of losing talented professionals from your firm.

Data driven organisations are at the centre of growth in this new economy; Engineering Projects showcase the results of effective collaboration and high-level investment being made in Professional Services.

The results will be evident in your Top Line Performance:

SPI Research Professional Services Maturity Benchmark

Establishing a clear standard collaboration will affirm the value your team provides to your clients. It's easier than you think to get started.

Get started with the in-depth Client Collaboration Template Expede have created to begin reaping the benefits of delivering high quality work through effective collaboration. 

A collective advantage for your team will propel you past your competition as a Deep Value Provider.

Download the template to get the advantage:


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