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Expede Undergoes independent testing & validation

by Expede, on Sep 9, 2018 8:09:04 PM

Expede has undergone independent testing & validation by Planit Testing, a member of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services, Worldwide 2017 and one of the largest global software testing companies.


An independent firm asked for Expede to undergo independent testing at their cost by Planit Testing to confirm its functionality and to determine Expede meets expectations. 

Following the successful outcome, they have provided us permission to share the following with you:-

This is what Planit Testing had to say:

 ‘The Expede platform is functionally strong compared to other platforms. It does the jobs it’s designed
for very well, and performs with a speed the user would expect’.
‘Generally the testers all say that the platform’s response times, in terms
of how long it took to take actions based on clicks, were very quick and well within what they would
expect to see on a platform like this’.

Planit also provided several user interface experience improvement suggestions to us, which have now been incorporated into the Expede Platform - thank you Planit Team.


A little more about Planit Testing:

Planit Test Management Solutions Pty Ltd (Planit) is a testing solutions provider that supports the management of risk and quality associated with small, medium and large-scale IT solutions across both the private and public sectors.

Operating in Australia since 1997 Planit has grown to become one of the largest and most respected providers of quality testing and training services across Australia, New Zealand, UK and India and is in the top 3 global providers of pure play testing.

Planit staff are all full time, permanent employees (1300+ resources) and certified through the ISTQB with a broad range of domain and tools experience.

Planit's integrated solutions combine software testing best practices, tester training, and certification, implementation and support of market-leading tools and a wide range of professional testing solutions.

Planit Consultants are available to perform/assist in the following types of services:

  • Test Strategies & Plans
  • Test Management
  • Ad Hoc Consultancy
  • Agile Testing & Test Process Improvement
  • Test Preparation & Test Execution
  • Requirements Analysis & Definition
  • Test Automation & Performance Testing

Planit’s DQA Centre & Labs are purpose-built and provide a fast on-demand service for both local and global digital requirements including:

  • Dedicated Test management
  • Certified expert digital testers
  • Real device farm
  • Gaming, smart TV, and set-top boxes
  • Hardware/software support for any combination of OS/browser requirements
  • Real-time reporting
  • Secure remote access


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