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Expede joins Microsoft AppSource

by Expede, on Mar 31, 2017 3:04:07 PM


We are pleased to announce that Expede software has been approved and added to the Microsoft Appsource.  

This listing provides further endorsement to Expede’s commitment to bring our customers the highest level of service, functionality & security.


Expede is the first and currently the only eDiscovery solution for Legal & Consulting to have been added to Microsoft Appsource 

Expede has been developed & Microsoft Certified to seamlessly integrate with your Company's & your Clients Microsoft single sign on through Azure Active Directory.  User access is controlled by your company IT department as a full companywide multi user (multi-tenancy) solution in the same way as Microsoft 365.

This enables your company & your clients to maintain full compliance with security policies and to maintain control of user access to information without having to ‘step outside’ and rely on non-Microsoft security.

 As Expede CEO Doug Friday states:

with 90% of Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft Azure along with Microsoft committing to further invest over $1 billion annually on cyber security, we would urge companies that any solution that operates outside Microsoft security that includes Client data should be very closely examined & the questioned asked why your solution is not integrated’ 



Microsoft described the Appsource as ‘a resource dedicated to business & enterprise, which lists solutions tailored to your industry that work with the products you already use' 

 The criteria to be listed on the Microsoft Appsource includes:

  • Allows Azure Active Directory federated single sign-on;
  • Integration with Microsoft Cloud services including Microsoft Azure
  • Software as a service (SaaS) application for business with:
  • Line of business SaaS Application
  • Business Process Focused
  • Targeted to Business Customers
  • Enable users to sign in with their work credentials
  • Free Trial period
  • Turnkey Solution which is easy & quick to configure & setup
  • Customer Support in place
  • Availability & uptime of at least 99.9%


The Expede Appsource Listing can be found at: 




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