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Three Big Things Coming to Expede in 2019

9 November 2018 3:40:09 PM
Our customers have already processed the equivalent of 25 million pages of information. If we piled all those pages up it would be a column stretching 2.8 kilometres high! In 2019 we want to take Expede to the world that means there’s a lot that’s about to change at Expede.net. 

Read on to find out the big three changes coming to Expede in the new year.

1. Brand New Website

We’re undertaking a complete review and redevelopment of Expede.net. We want to put you at the centre of our website experience. We’re cleaning up the design, providing more support and better ways for you to get what you need from us as easily and quickly as possible. Afterall, brilliant information handling is at the core of Expede, our website should be delivering the same experience for you.

While this is happening frequent visitors may notice some disruption to their normal experience using Expede.net. We ask for your patience while we go through this transition and we promise that you’ll love what we deliver in early 2019.

2. New Subscription Model 

We’ve learned a lot about how people use Expede in their daily workflows from our current customers. We’re changing the subscription offerings to make it easier to choose the right plan for your business.

Continuous product development taking advantage of new services as they become available has facilitated our ability to change our pricing structure. If you’re in the legal field and are looking at e-discovery products for your practice next year we’d love to hear from you because we think you’ll find our offer pretty compelling.

Our new subscription models are easier to understand and are more responsive to your needs. Of course we can still produce bespoke solutions for your business. Ask Sam if you’re interested in exploring a totally unique deployment in your business. 

3. Lots of new resources for you

In 2019 there will be lots of new information, templates, guides, whitepapers and even some video chats and webinars. Expede is your information partner we want to support your business decision making by offering you exclusive content that you can use immediately to improve your business performance.

Expede can help almost any business that handles, stores or creates a lot of documents. The resources we’re producing will surprise you sparking more “ah ha!” Moments and energise your thinking. 

Throughout the year we’ll be announcing new Expede technologies as they get close to release and you can request new features or custom development too. We think 2019 is going to be a great year.

Come on the journey with us. We can’t wait. 

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