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Inside Sales Agent.

Perth, Australia

Join the Expede Movement & Help Shape the Business World for the Better

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Inside Sales Agent

Perth, Australia

About Expede

We are helping our clients drive business performance with a formulated approach that is unified in our cloud-based software platform, which is a powerful combination of Microsoft’s secure technology with our expert business process and project management focused systems.

We enable our clients to focus on their core business while increasing efficiency and unlocking their peak business performance - It’s that simple.

Our centre is Perth, but with the world in our targets, with forthcoming plans to expand into the UK & US.

Our market is only limited by our imagination.

We want to work with people who are visionary, adaptable and looking to make a big impact in this world of unstoppable change.

If this motivates you then come accept our challenge to contribute and prosper in the powerful combination that is Expede.


Inside Sales Agent

We are looking for a high performance, Sales Agent to lead our bottom of the funnel charge in starting our customers on their journey to drive their business performance while developing a successful and growing relationship with Expede. With the exceptional position of Expede in the marketplace, you will experience more about the rapid growth of a software company than anywhere else in Perth while you grow your track record of exceeding your quota.


  • Proven devotion & ability to put the customers needs ahead of your own;
  • Management of inbound sales process through automated and supporting technology including: email, video conferencing and phone;
  • Proven ability to hold a business conversation focussed on clear goals and challenges with an immersive understanding of the customer and their challenges;
  • Able to quickly learn and display deep industry knowledge and to be passionate about our solution and how this makes a difference to our customer;
  • Care about being challenged and successful;
  • Working in a challenging environment with the rest of the team who are motivated in tacking a challenge using the freedom and responsibility our workplace provides;
  • Navigation of complex organisations to move the prospect forward to ultimately close the deal;
  • Your emotional intelligence is especially high giving you the ability to empathise with customers;
  • Collaboration with management, marketing, product development and customer success to turn opportunities into deals, building the collective skills of the team and to scale the insights you find from the front lines;
  • Proven ability to exceed your quota


  • You have 2-5 years of experience in sales or account management is a rapidly changing SaaS / Technology company;
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience;
  • Excellent communicator with an ability to understand the customers perspective;
  • Keen learner who is always wanting to expand understand and experience;
  • Proficiency in Sales automation;
  • We hire extraordinary people and provide them with benefits and opportunities they need to develop both personally and professionally;
  • Hubspot Sales qualified and experienced will be highly regarding

What Expede will give you

  • Extensive training in Expede, which you will use every day in your work so you will have absolute confidence in what you are presenting to customers;
  • A qualified list of prospects to get after in your first few weeks to get you underway exceeding your targets;
  • An exciting, high energy and ever evolving ;
  • An environment of trust, responsibility and no blame to enable you to grow and develop;
  • Opportunities for growth and access to multiple marketplaces including: USA, UK, Asia and Australia;
  • Interaction with a number of professional and interesting market sectors;
  • To be part of a high performance and efficient team who will form the foundation of the Expede ‘Peak Business Performance’ movement.




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