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Business Continuity for Professional Services

May 30, 2019 1:06:00 PM

The stability and continuity of the server software you use, will have further-reaching (postive) effects than making your I.T. team happy!

End of support (EOS) and end of life (EOL) are known and accepted as part of using any software, particularly for Microsoft users. Preparation for these dates is essential to minimising any potential for unnecessary downtime.

Software end of support for businesses presents an avoidable risk, but a risk none the less. Not knowing your software life cycle impacts your business' resilience in a crisis. Businesses wanting to reinforce their revenue should be actively be reinforcing their business continuity measures. 


What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is the ability of an organisation to maintain essential functions during, as well as after, a disaster has occurred.

Using this definition, to maintain essential functions at all times or during trading hours ensures your business will be continuous, and have longevity.

Continuity builds trust, bolsters integrity and increases profitability in the long term. This success can allow your business to explore new markets or revenue streams. 


What does Continuity look like?

  • Consistent uptime for your internal servers, and I.T. systems - including all business services and business-critical data including (but not limited to): employee information, client data, email, financial and tax data.

  • Agile response to any issues or crises - having peace of mind as you encounter any issues as a business. Your I.T. team and Senior Management can be confident your services and data are reliable and accessible for all your staff and your clients.

  • Building a solid foundation for innovation - with good quality data, your services and ethos can evolve, and position your business better for agile progression, business and service development and ascending your competition.

  • Your services are customer supported and recommended.


Ensuring Continuity for Professional Services

Your firm's project data should be well organised and easy to search. It should be accessible and safely stored during events like office moves, before, during and after staff transitioning (progressing) or turnover. Your projects are your revenue-critial data, and your software should be reliable enough to ensure minimal impact to your overall services.

We've put together some free resources to help build your business case - whether its for a software upgrade (end of support) or larger transition away from your current solution:


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