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A blueprint for avoiding project disasters!

Feb 28, 2017 9:09:15 AM

An Educational Guide to Project Management for Legal & Management Consulting

I am excited to bring you our new blog which will tackle the issues of applying project management approaches to the legal and consulting industry.

Most of the professionals I speak with are looking to adopt project approaches in the hope it will help expand their business and support them in meeting the challenges their industry is facing.

With new methods, approaches, training & associations starting up daily to sell you project management services, it can be a massive minefield on knowing what is right for you and your business.

Legal & consulting firms face unique challenges, and a ‘one strategy fits all’ project approach is going to fall far short of what you hope to achieve.

I know because we have experienced this pain, both first hand and through the eyes of our clients, from small legal claims through to $50 Billion mega projects.

With over 80% of global projects failing to meet budget or schedule, the methods & approaches available are far from a ‘silver bullet’ in helping you deliver a project solution to address your challenges.

Our industry above all others deals with client uncertainty with scopes that are developed through engagement & consultation, this is the strength and benefit we bring.

Applying project methods with their roots embedded in fixed scopes & manufacturing is a receipt for disaster.

It is with this backdrop of painful lessons and through necessity that we developed a blueprint philosophy for applying project thinking to our professional engagements.

The key to this philosophy is to first apply ‘first principals’ in determining what is the required outcome and how to best achieve this, rather than blindly applying a workflow or fixed methods which then fail to address the root cause.

We will through this blog share with you this blueprint philosophy and some of the tools we have developed to support our engagements which we hope will benefit you in your challenge to develop a project approach.

Above all though we intend to educate to enable you to understand and apply these principals so you can determine the best way forward for your company.

We are committed to bringing you our experience in this blog in the hope it will aid you on your project path.

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